Corsham Heritage Centre

Corsham Heritage Centre is set in the quaint, historical and beautiful Cotswold town of Corsham. The town was once a major player in the wool trade and the quarry where a lot of the beautiful Bath stone came from is close by. You will find that Corsham is a vibrant town with an industrious past

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Mystical and ancient, Stonehenge is an unforgettable place, a World Heritage Site that draws many visitors each year. Stonehenge is situated near Amesbury and truly worth visiting during your stay in Bath. Over the years many people have speculated why Stonehenge was built, but the truth is that the site is simply beautiful no matter

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Wedding Venues in Bath

Romance, history, beautiful architecture and a whole range of venues make the spa city of Bath the ideal place to get married. With venues galore you are sure to find that perfect place for your special day. Would you go for Georgian grandeur or something completely different?

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