Bath Bachfest

If you’re looking to enjoy something special while you’re in Bath then you might want to think about attending the Bath Bachfest. Any classical music lover will be in their element when they visit one of three places that plays host to the wonderful music of Bach. Bath Abbey, the Guildhall and the Assembly rooms all have performances in February 2013, and every single one of them will intrigue and delight.
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Romance Is In The Air

Bath is a very romantic city and for anyone looking to enjoy time away with someone special, this ancient city will not disappoint. Many couples come here to enjoy the spa breaks in Bath and what they have to offer.  They come to enjoy the fine restaurants, wine bars and theatres, as well as pleasant walks in Royal Victoria Park, the Botanical Gardens and around the city centre.
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Romantic Breaks For Two

Bath is a wonderfully romantic city that’s perfect for couples who want to get away from it all and visit somewhere special.

Even if you don’t have the worlds’ biggest budget to spend, you can still have a dream romantic break in this historical part of the world. You might want to think about staying in a Bath bed and breakfast as this city promises great service in an ideal romantic setting.
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A Brief History of Bath

Human activity in and around the city of Bath dates back to the Mesolithic period (100,000 to 30,000 BC) and has therefore been a part of British history for centuries. Bronze Age and Iron Age settlers made this city their home, but perhaps the better known settlers were the Romans who occupied the area from approximately 60-70 AD.  The Roman Baths are perhaps one of the city’s most famous archaeological structures and the elegant and fascinating museum was home to three baths each of different temperatures. Continue reading

Bath’s Guided Walking Tours

If you want to learn about the history of Bath as you explore the city, then you might want to think about taking part in one of the many guided tours that take place every week.

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