A Brief History of Bath

Human activity in and around the city of Bath dates back to the Mesolithic period (100,000 to 30,000 BC) and has therefore been a part of British history for centuries. Bronze Age and Iron Age settlers made this city their home, but perhaps the better known settlers were the Romans who occupied the area from approximately 60-70 AD.  The Roman Baths are perhaps one of the city’s most famous archaeological structures and the elegant and fascinating museum was home to three baths each of different temperatures. Continue reading

Bath’s Guided Walking Tours

If you want to learn about the history of Bath as you explore the city, then you might want to think about taking part in one of the many guided tours that take place every week.

Bath Parade Guides can offer you a two hour or a half day tour that will take you around the beautiful city and there is no better time than when you are enjoying a B and B Bath break. Continue reading

Bath, a Beautiful City

Bath is a stunningly beautiful city that has been part of British history for centuries. Just about everyone who visits Bath will make time to see the Romans Baths and Museum, but not everyone has visited the chocolate museum or the Royal Crescent.

The architecture and the grandeur of the city help to set it apart from many others and make it one of the world’s most beautiful vacation destinations. But it’s not just the beauty that brings millions of visitors in every year; it’s also the fascinating history and the changes that have shaped the city itself. Continue reading

Your Weekend In Bath

If you have the pleasure of staying in a Bed and Breakfast in Bath over a weekend, you may be looking to fill your time with a few walks around the city. There are always guided tours taking place and they can prove to be very insightful and intriguing.

The Roman Baths Museum is an ideal place to visit if you’re looking to make the most of your time in the beautiful city. Built thousands of years ago, the baths still stand as a testament to the ingenuity and skill of the Romans who ruled this part of the United Kingdom many years ago. Continue reading

Visit The Roman Baths Museum

Every visitor to the city should make time to visit the Roman Baths. These baths have to be seen to be believed. Around for centuries, the beauty and the sheer size of the baths will take your breath away. Taking 300 years to build, these baths were once considered to be a shrine by Iron Age Britons and the spot was dedicated to the goddess Sulis.

In March 2012, 30,000 Roman coins were found close to the baths, helping to bring the history of this magnificent building and the local area to life, right before your eyes. Continue reading

Bath Abbey

Bath is an incredibly beautiful city attracting thousands of visitors every month thanks to the popularity of spa breaks in Bath but they also come to take a look at the grand architecture that never fails to impress.

Bath Abbey is a beautiful structure and it was originally founded in 1499 with the building work finally being completed in 1611. The history of the building dates back to Anglo Saxon times and it is thought that Christians worshipped on the site in the 8th century. Bath Abbey has therefore survived many battles and is full of stories of kings and queens that will make your hair stand on end. The Abbey is also full of different architectural influences and designs which makes it a truly worthwhile visit. Continue reading