Romantic getaways in Bath

When you and your loved one want to enjoy a bit of time together you’ll find the beautiful city of Bath is the perfect place to do just that. This ancient city is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their love in style while visiting somewhere special.

Tower Tours

Why not enjoy a romantic visit to the Abbey Tower? These tours are an absolute delight and can be accompanied by a gorgeous glass of champagne at the end of the tour. Spend up to 50 minutes being shown some beautiful architecture, some amazing history and gaze at an incredible view of Bath. If you choose to go on the Romantic Tower Tour you will be given your own guide and a glass of champagne which helps to make the tour a little more special. This is the perfect way to spend your romantic getaway while you enjoy one of the many spa breaks in Bath that is on offer.

Courtyard carriages

One of the most romantic things you can do when in Bath is to take your loved one on a courtyard carriage. Lasting approximately 25 minutes, this tour will show you some of the best sights of Bath while you travel in style. Courtyard Carriages tours are often in high demand in the spring and summer, so you may want to book ahead and avoid disappointment. Make that proposal extra special or give that magic touch to your romantic getaway by stepping into a horse drawn carriage and taking part in a magical tour of the city.

Bath Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal is the perfect place for you and your other half to enjoy a show or two. With a wide range of performances taking place through-out the year, the Theatre Royal has something for everyone. If you’re intent on seeing a hugely popular show you should think about booking your tickets as soon as you can. The theatre itself has some magnificent architecture which just adds to the level of enjoyment and romance. A night at the theatre adds something very special to a romantic getaway and it could also give you the perfect opportunity for you to propose to your loved one should you wish.

The Pump Room Restaurant

The Pump Room restaurant is a delightful place for you both to dine so you can enjoy a three course meal or even afternoon tea. Open through-out the day this wonderful restaurant offers you a first class service that comes with high quality dishes that are based on British cuisine with a twist.  Prepared on the premises your meal will be enjoyed in some luxurious surroundings. Choose from the wonderful menu and delight at the excellent service you’re guaranteed to experience whenever you dine here.

As with the other romantic getaway suggestions you may want to think about booking a table before you arrive in the city. This charming restaurant can get quite busy at times so booking ahead will ensure you’re seated in no time.

Great places for couples in Bath

Whether you’re in Bath so you can enjoy a romantic weekend getaway or you simply want to spend a bit of time together, you have come to the right city. Bath is the ideal vacation destination for couples as the air is full of romance and places you can spend some time alone.

Below you will find a few suggestions that may help your time away to be just that little more special.

Lady Lena

If it’s romance that you want then the Lady Lena can help you get just that.  Take a trip on the beautiful canal in an ‘Electric Victorian River Launch’ that will make your time here an unforgettable one. With prices starting at £100 at the time of writing, you can treat your loved one to a skippered tour in what has proven to be a very popular method of transportation for those in love. Enjoy your day on the canal and finish it off nicely with a romantic evening in your b and b in Bath.

Bath Balloons

For those of you who want a bit of romance as well as a stunning view of one of the world’s most famous cities, a balloon ride may be just the ticket! Fly over Bath and see the wooded hills, take a look at the Roman Bath’s or the Pulteney Bridge (Depending on the direction of the wind). Between 3 to 4 hours long, your flight will be a safe and stunning one where you’ll experience the sights and sounds of Bath from a whole new level!

Royal Victoria Park

Royal Victoria Park is one of Bath’s most famous landmarks and will take your breath away. Covering a staggering 57 acres, this 18th century park is perfect for those gentle strolls and those times you just want to sit and watch the world go by. No matter what the weather happens to be doing, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Feed the ducks, visit the bird aviary. Take a trip on the boating pond or even have a game of golf. If you want a bit of time away from it all, this park will allow you to do just that.

Bath Theatre Royal

You simply cannot take a trip to Bath without visiting the Theatre Royal. With a wide variety of shows and performances taking place through-out the year, you won’t want to miss a night out here. Why not try to book a few tickets to see your favourite shows? If you book in advance you’re guaranteed a seat on the night which means you won’t be disappointed. Nothing beats a night at the theatre no matter what it is you’re going to see. Visit the theatre and make sure you enjoy its stunning architecture and all that this beautiful building has to offer.

Try to plan your stay in Bath before you get here so you can relax and enjoy a well-earned rest in the company of a loved one.



Unique Ways to Explore Bath Part 2

Visiting Bath can be a truly wonderful experience, but if you would like to make it just that little more special, you might want to consider taking a rather alternative tour.

There are many different types of tours available for you to enjoy, but if you want a holiday you cannot forget, you should consider all of the following tours.

Bath Photography Tour
Priced at £7 per person at the time of writing, Bath Photography Tour is perfect for those who love to take pictures. Lasting for 2 hours, this tour will take you to some truly magnificent parts of the city which you might not have discovered on your own.
With a tour guide there to help you capture some wonderful photos, this tour is one that could be as educational as it is thrilling. Meet outside the tourist information centre at 10am, 1pm or 3:30pm, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

Make sure you upload your photographs when you get back to your Bath Bed and Breakfast, so you can show your friends and family where you have been.

Bath Narrowboats Day Boat Hire
Why not take a trip on a wonderful narrow boat so you have the chance to see Bath from a whole new perspective? With the ability to hold between 6 and 10 people, each of the boats will help you to enjoy a special tour around Bath. After you have received your instructions on how to operate a narrowboat, you will have the chance to enjoy the 14 mile long lock-free canal. Whether you simply want to enjoy a quiet day on the canal, or you fancy booking a narrowboat so you and the girls can enjoy yourselves, please visit for more information. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy messing about on the canal, and getting away from it all.

Regency Walking Tours
If you would like to take part in a particularly special tour, then the Regency walking tours may be perfect for you. Tickets and details of the tours are available from Bath visitor information centre, and will give you the opportunity to see where Jane Austen lived, and maybe even the gardens she frequented. There are many different Jane Austen tours available, showing you different aspects of Austen’s life, and hearing a little more about one of the worlds’ best authors.

Tailored Tours
Many tours have their own specific route, and it can be hard to find someone who is willing to tailor a tour to your needs and interests. Thankfully, this is what Tailored Tours are here for. You can have the pleasure of visiting churches, gardens, places of historical interest, and more. There are many different areas of Bath just waiting to be explored, and if you have a particular kind of tour you would like to take part in, a Tailored Tour may be just what you need. Visit for more information.

There are so many different ways to explore Bath, so make sure you book a tour or two so your time in this beautiful city is a truly unforgettable one.

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Unique Ways to Explore Bath Part 1

When visiting Bath, many people decide to buy a map and explore the wonderful city as best they can. The only trouble with being your own tour guide is you could potentially miss out on a lot of what the city has to offer.

If you’re in the city because you want to explore Bath, one of the best ways you can do that is by signing up for a guided tour. Some of the tours you can find in Bath are truly unique and as well as making your holiday just that little bit brighter, they can also help you to learn a great deal about the city too.

Razorcat Tours
If you fancy touring Bath in style, then you might want to think about taking a Razorcat tour. Get chauffeur driven around this beautiful city on a trike, and experience the thrill of 3 huge wheels. A safe yet exciting way to explore all that Bath has to offer, touring this way will make your trip to the city an unforgettable one. Email for more details.

Courtyard Carriages
If you would prefer a calmer touring experience, then why not hire a horse-drawn carriage to take you around the city? Taking you to Laura Fountain, Great Pultney Street and many other parts of Bath, this charming tour is a great way for you to experience the area in all its glory. If a relaxing break is something you would enjoy, why not make this wonderful tour a part of your Spa Break in Bath, and truly unwind as you see the sights? Visit for more details

Ghost Walks of Bath
If you loved to be spooked and hear a few ghostly tales, you’re sure to enjoy a ghost walk. As well as being a great spot for architecture and history-enthusiasts, Bath is ideal for those who love to learn about ghostly goings on. Wrap up warm, and make your way to the Garrick’s Head Pub which is situated next to the Theatre Royal. Wait outside for the tour guide, and be prepared to feel the hairs on the back of your next stand up.

Jane Austen Walking Tours
If you have come to the city of Bath to experience all-things Jane Austen, you may want to think about enjoying a Jane Austen walking tour. This tour will take you to Jane’s home, as well as the shops and parks she frequented. Meet outside K.C Change, which can be found in the Abbey Church Yard at 11am.

Walk and Draw Bath
If you’re a bit of a budding artist, be sure to take part in WalkAndDrawBath. You will have the chance to enjoy a truly interactive tour of the city, while brushing up on your drawing and painting skills. All art materials will be provided on the tour, which means you don’t have to worry about having the right equipment. For more information, please visit and prepare to enjoy a truly breath-taking tour of one of England’s most famous cities.

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The Best ways to Explore Bath

When you have the pleasure of visiting a historic city such as Bath, there’s no doubt you’ll want to explore all that it has to offer. You probably have a good idea as to what you would like to do while you’re in the area, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

This article will help you decide exactly what to do while you’re staying in a city that’s steeped in history going back some 2,000 years. So make sure you book your b and b in Bath so you have somewhere to rest your head after a days’ exploring.

  1. Visit Royal Victoria Park

Formed in 1829, and situated not far from the Royal Crescent, Royal Victoria Park is a must-visit for anyone who loves a gentle stroll in beautiful surroundings. With more than 57 acres for you to enjoy, this park was named after Princess Victoria who was 11 years old when she visited what has to be one of the UK’s most idyllic parks.

Why not spend some time at the bird aviary, at the tennis courts or even the boating pond? If you have children with you, they may enjoy the play area that’s equipped to suit every age. Alternatively, you may want to feed the ducks as you stroll around the incredible landscape.

  1. Hit the shops

There are many different shops in Bath, making it ideal for anyone who loves to grab a bargain. As well as the traditional high street stores, there are also many unique and individual family-run stores that appeal to every taste. Take your time and visit all those stores which are truly unique to Bath, helping to make it one of the UK’s most visited cities.

  1. All-things Jane Austen

If you are a huge fan of Jane Austen and her works, then you’re sure to love spending time in Bath. Once home to the internationally recognised author you can have the chance to listen to a free audio tour and follow in Austen’s footsteps as you make your way around Bath. Visit No1 Royal Crescent, a museum dedicated to Austen and life in Bath when she lived here.

  1. Enjoy the café’s

Another way to explore and enjoy all that Bath has to offer is to make use of the café’s near by. If you want a quintessentially British experience Bath will allow you to do just that. The wide range of café’s, tea rooms and restaurants, will serve you some of the finest cakes, scones and light dishes you’re ever likely to taste. Exploring a city can be hungry and thirsty work, so make the most of the wide range of eateries in the city, and don’t forget to treat yourself, you are on holiday after all.

Don’t forget to make a list of the places you would like to visit, why not get a map and find out where everything is, then make start with the closest attraction before slowly making your way around the city. You can do all this in the comfort of your b and b in Bath, before you step out into the city and experience all that it has to offer.


Your Weekend in Bath

When you’re thinking of spending a weekend in Bath, you probably have a good idea as to what you would like to do. Perhaps you fancy a trip to the theatre, maybe you would like to dine in one of Bath’s many restaurants, or perhaps you would like to get a taste of Bath’s night life. Whatever you love to do, you can be sure there is something for everyone in this wonderfully historic city.

Before you make any plans to wine and dine on your weekend away, make sure you book a bed and breakfast in Bath in advance as the city can get quite busy. If you book in advance now, you will save any disappointment when you arrive.

Royal Victoria Park

Once you get to Bath, perhaps you would like to stretch your legs after your long journey, if you would, then you’re sure to love a visit to the Royal Victoria Park. This park sprawls an amazing 57 acres, and is home to some fine statues, ducks who love to be fed, a hidden quiet garden and a play area that kids of any age will love.

The Roman Baths Museum

Bath is known through-out the world for its water, and it was the Romans who decided to make good use of it. Explore the museum and see how the Romans bathed in luxury some 2,000 years ago. Learn how they built the baths and made them one of the world’s most intriguing places.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

From world famous high street stores, to those treasure troves down lesser-known alley ways, Bath is home to a vast amount of stores you’re sure to love. If you want to go on a shopping spree, there is no finer place, but make sure you have some money left for your theatre tickets.

Theatre Royal Bath

Here’s a handy tip: book your theatre tickets in advance so you have a seat to watch the show. The Theatre Royal is a very popular theatre that hosts many different shows and concerts through-out the year. Take a look at for details and look for shows that are being performed while you’re in town. If you’re coming to Bath with your children, you may be interested to know there is a children’s theatre known as ‘The Egg’, this is part of the Theatre Royal and has performances through-out the year.

Restaurants and Cafes

Because Bath opens its doors to thousands and thousands of visitors every year, you can be sure is a wide range or eateries serving you some delicious food, regardless of the time of day or night. Search out those little tea shops, eat in one of the best restaurants in town and sample some traditional British dishes that taste as good as they look.

As you can see, there is so much to do in Bath, so make sure you book your bed and breakfast in Bath now, so you can start planning your exciting weekend away in historic Bath. 

Explore the History of Bath

If you love a bit of history and you dream of visiting somewhere that’s steeped in a wide range of historical events, why not explore Bath? This wonderfully historical part of England is full of exciting history that will leave you stunned, amazed and in awe.

What’s more, is if you want to add a touch of luxury to your holiday, why not check out the vast array of spa breaks in Bath, so you can really relax as you learn about this intriguing city? Before you decide to book a break, below you will find a brief hint of Bath’s world-famous history.

The Royal Crescent

If you love to discover the history of grand Georgian buildings, there’s no doubt you will love The Royal Crescent. A row of thirty terraced houses placed together in a crescent, was built between the years 1767 and 1774 by John Wood the Younger. Every house was built with the same façade, but the rear of the houses is quite individual and reflects the character of those who lived and still live there. You may want to pop in to No.1 Royal Crescent as it’s an intriguing museum dedicated to the late 18th century.

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are a fascinating and must-see part of Bath, which will help you to understand why and how this area is steeped in history. 2,000 years ago the Romans bathed in the luxurious waters and left their mark when they built the amazing Baths and left relics and remnants of their life here.

Take a walk around the baths and see for yourself how the water was heated and became an integral part of life for those who called Bath their home.

Bath Abbey

Built over 1,200 years ago, Bath Abbey is a magnificent structure that welcomes thousands upon thousands of visitors every year. Although the Abbey stands tall and proud, the site has been home to three churches since 757 AD, but Bath at last had a church to be very proud of when the current Abbey was constructed in 1499, and became of the very last medieval churches in England. Marvel at the ladders of angels found at the west front, view the magnificent stained glass windows that were once taken out, and enjoy a tour that will take you behind the scenes of the Abbey, and be sure to visit the bell and ringing chamber that has been calling out for over a century.

If you think Bath sounds like your ideal holiday destination, then you should consider booking a holiday as soon as you can. Why not add that touch of luxury and consider taking one of the many spa breaks in Bath, so your time away is a little more special. While you stay in bath you will have the opportunity to completely relax in one of England’s most beautiful cities that’s full of a vibrant and colourful history, making your holiday a truly unforgettable and inspiring one.

Great Ways To Relax In The City Of Bath

Bath is not only full of exciting and thrilling history, but it is also full of many different relaxation opportunities that you are sure to love. Some people come to bath to see the sights and learn a thing or two about what has been happening in Bath for the last 2,000 years, while others love to come here to relax and get away from everyday life.

Here are a few things you might want to do while you’re visiting the city:

Visit The Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal, Bath is one of the UK’s oldest theatres, with three auditoriums, one of them home to a theatre for the young, this building is exceedingly beautiful and one you need to visit. The theatre has been a part of Bath since 1705, and is ideal if you love to spend an evening watching shows and performances, that are performed through-out the year. If you plan to visit the theatre during your stay, please make sure you book your tickets in advance so you get the tickets to the show you want to see.

Prior Park Landscape Gardens

If you fancy a nice easy stroll around some beautiful 18th century gardens, why not visit Prior Park Landscape Gardens? This 18th century garden is simply beautiful, and is a must-visit for anyone who loves gardens, nature and elegant structures. The Palladian bridge stands above a calm lake and the incredible scenery will help you to relax and unwind before you make your way back to your bed and breakfast in Bath.

Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House

In 1680, Solange Luyon escaped persecution in France when she came to Bath. After changing her name to Sally Lunn, the young lady found a job in a bakery and baked a bun that is ideal to eat with sweet or savoury foods. This bun became famous through-out Bath and the UK and now the world. Today, you can enjoy one of Sally Lunn’s delicious buns in the world famous eating house. You can relax in a truly unique dining room or restaurant, and visit the museum that pays homage to the girl who created a delicious bun that is loved by the world.

Roman Baths Museum

Why not take a walk around the beautiful Roman Baths Museum that can be found in Stall Street? The museum pays homage to the Romans who lived and worked in Bath, and the religious spa that happens to be one of the grandest in the world. Open through-out the year, and with its beautifully preserved buildings, mosaics and more, the Roman Baths are well worth a visit. Don’t forget to pop into the gift shop so you can pick up a souvenir or two of your visit to the Baths.

If you want to relax in the beautiful city of Bath, you will be pleased to know there is a lot on offer. Stay in a bed and breakfast in Bath and come and go as you please, taking in the sites, sound and history while you relax and unwind in one of the UK’s most elegant and historic cities.